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House in Toyonaka


  • Appearance
  • Cortyard
  • Living
  • Living
  • Stairway

Site is in a city block where the row of elegant wooden houses stands in Toyonaka-shi.

Profoundness was left in this town scape, which cannot be expected from new town. I wanted to make the house, which becomes beautiful along with time goes by. The house is pulled back one third of site depth for front yard and giving space to the street instead of building at the boundary line.

Plan is U-shaped, dividing public and private space in east and west, placing courtyard with wooden deck in between. On the second floor, "outside room" for children and their dog is placed.

This is an intermediate space between outside and inside.

These courtyard and outside room are used as extension of inside for communicating with friends and neighborhood.

The conversational voices and mode of light will give profoundness to the house.


Site area:274.20㎡

Building area:111.42㎡

Total floor area:169.92㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete