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Takii seed Quality control center


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  • Control room
  • Roof garden

The purpose of this building is to maintain the highest quality level of seed business continuously and for further improvement; therefore it will be very important for Takii Seed. The various quality control inspections are very competitive as technical innovation occurs frequently and inspection equipment and its methods are renewed everyday.

Therefore the building has following characteristics to be flexible to the changing requirements:

1) long span of 22.2m widths and 31.2m depths,

2) HTS (Hybrid Tension Structure) and SRC shear wall,

3) floor height of 4.97m and ceiling height of 3.6m,

4) live load 400kg/m2 and access flooring system,

5) natural lighting from four sides,

6) balconies for installation on three sides and exterior pipe space on the west side balcony,

7) double-skin window and wall and exterior insulation roof and wall,

8) individual air-conditioning by gas heat pump system.

These characteristics also make the building to be energy saving and economical with easy maintenance. A three-story high atrium on the facade covered by DPG glass curtain wall symbolizes the world's highest technology in quality control of seed business held inside.


Site area:12,554.35㎡

Building area:7,968.66㎡

Total floor area:30,039.93㎡

Structure:Steel reinforced concrete TIS&PARTNERS