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Takii seed Eathquake-residtant renewal


  • Appearance
  • Appearance
  • Office
  • Audiovisual room
  • Entrance

This is a quake proof reinforcement work of an office building that has been standing for more than 40 years.

Instead of using brace, a mainstream of quake proof reinforcement now, we decided to use ISGW (Interior Shear Glass Wall), a refined design that does not disturb the interior. ISGW consists from 15 or 19mm float glass and steel lattice frame, where dura con (POM) is inserted in between. The construction is possible while using the office.

Moreover, an elevator of an existing office can carry it without using large construction machines. It is the world's first attempt that used glass for a quake proof wall.


Main building

Completion: 1964 / 12

Structure: Reinforced concrete


Completion:1962 / 11

Structure: Reinforced concrete