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Takii seed Fukuoka


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The site is a ten-minute walk from Hakata station, in the commercial district.

The building's first and second floors are for warehousing, and third and fourth floors are for office space. The four-story high atrium leads people directly to the main office on the third floor.

The floors are connected by an elevator with a lighting system covered in opal glass, as well as a walking-slope with 60 potted plants along the glass facade.

At night the building lights up as a lantern, presenting the entire atrium as a showcase. Since the seeds and buds handled here are sensitive to temperature and humidity, the structure of the building is SRC with material insulating panel outside the exterior concrete wall as a double skin, which shuts off the heat transmission and water leakage to the structure frame completely.


Site area:2,438.79㎡

Building area:1,308.83㎡

Total floor area:4,379.01㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete, partly steel