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Special nursing home Sunflower garden


  • Appearance
  • Appearance
  • Overview
  • Common living space
  • Rounge
  • Deck
  • Cortyard
  • Private room

A "house" is the basis of this project. We divided large building into three parts, so that it will look like small houses and also, to avoid creating the inside corridor to be long and tedious, the building setbacks along the shape of the site eliminating like the mood of a hospital.

Inside is composed from the "family" of ten residents.

There is a private room for individuals and a common living space where they dine and spend together for enjoyment.

This concept signifies the ordinary house. In addition, a lounge, bar, library, and gallery is placed as a high hospitality space.

A fireplace is placed as a symbol in the lounge, which is intended for bringing the family togetherness and create warmth and a bond. This enriches the amenity of the entire building.


Site area:3,282.42㎡

Building area:1,466.75㎡

Total floor area:3,748.78㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete, partly steel