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L-shaped House


  • Courtyard
  • Appearance
  • Living
  • Living
  • Corridor
  • Stairway

The site is L-shaped with frontage of 8 meters and the backside is irregular shaped; east boundary line is inclined to west in 4 to 10 ratio from the north.

I emphasized great importance on how to design a space that fits into surrounding environment and make the best of this irregular shape site.

The house consists of three blocks: approach to utility, public, and private. Between these blocks, roof terrace and courtyards are placed to take in light and wind. They are connected with two bridges inside and outside to reach second floor level, where family and guest can enjoy surrounding space while walking around.

A narrow frontage of modest appearance and rich life in the back is wisdom of people in Kyoto from the old days using "stillness" and "active" properly.

The theme of this project was to interpret Kyoto mind contemporary and how to set "active" life in this most quiet residential area, while keeping the manner of its town.


Site area:329㎡

Building area:164㎡

Total floor area:281㎡

Structure : Reinforced concrete, partly steel frame