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Keika Express Head office


  • Appearance
  • Appearance
  • Drawing room
  • Entrance
  • Entranceス
  • Top light

The building consists of the office zone surrounded in the massive form of concrete and three-story high atrium entrance hall by slender structure of steel flat bar, placing them in contrast.

In the office area, light enters from the north opening and the hall is an open space by steel flat bar supporting glass wall and the roof.

A prism glass used at the hall's top light controls the amount of sunlight in season.

The quake-resistant wall dividing office and hall is placed diagonally giving perspective in width as well as in depth.

Many glasses are used to make transparent space.


Site area::837.65㎡

Building area:455.04㎡

Total floor area:1,142.25㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete