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Higashi-oji house


  • Appearance
  • Living
  • Living
  • I overlook the living from the third floor
  • Dining
  • Bed room

Having found an attractive "gap" and "axis" in the dense surroundings of these small houses I had to decide on the type of house to build.

A four story building with each floor connected by an elevator seemed the ideal solution. Already from the second floor you can see onto the green of the neighbor's house and from the rooftop level you have a broad view of the surrounding area. The entrance and bedroom are on the ground floor.

The living room and dining room on the second.

The third floor is a multifunctional space. The bathroom is located on the fourth floor. The further up you are the more extensive the view outside. Each floor offers the best possible view. The elevator offered the most space efficient traffic mean.


Site area:107.42㎡

Building area:64.16㎡

Total floor area:164.4㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete