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Special nursing home for the aged Hakujuen


  • Appearance
  • Common living space
  • Private room
  • Deck
  • Meeting room

This is an extension project of special nursing home for the elderly in Nishinari-ku, Osaka. Nishinari-ku has the highest aging ratio in twenty-four ward of Osaka and the ratio of single is also high.

Furthermore, there are many low-income earners who need and users unable to get family or local support need a social support. It has been ten years since the existing facility was completed.

The client demanded to prepare increase in number of bed and extension of the nursing home for the users having various needs in this particular district. In the floor planning, we attempted in unification of living unit and care unit.

Two units are placed on one floor; each unit consists from ten people. Residents' rooms are placed on the first and second floor and kitchen, meeting rooms, and other rooms short in existing building are placed on the third floor.


Site area:4105.69㎡

Building area:806.84㎡ (extension)

Total floor area:1859.62㎡ (extension)

Structure:Reinforced concrete