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  • Appearance
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  • Owner dwelling unit
  • Owner dwelling unit

The site is a peculiar site in Kyoto, a long and narrow shaped with a small frontage and a deep depth, called unagi no nedoko, an eel's bed.

Here, three programs, a store, an apartment, and a house for the owner was demanded.

We begin by dividing the site into three parts and placing the courtyard in the middle to secure ventilation and lighting.

We planned as first floor for a store and one apartment, second and third floors for four apartments and the top floor for the owner's house.

This project was an interpretation of the traditional way of planning seen in the Machiya of Kyoto to a contemporary space.


Site area:160.00㎡

Building area:111.32㎡

Total floor area:420.06㎡

Structure:Reinforced concrete